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Online Python workshop for Asia-Pacific Region

Python Workshop

The Data Science Department at Fei Tian College – Middletown will present an online 2-day workshop for high school students to learn Python, one of the most popular programming languages in today’s job market. The workshop is an unique opportunity for students to get a head start on the complex coding skills needed by today’s leading companies. 


Online via Webex


Day 1:  3 Hours
Course time for different countries and regions:
New York: Friday, May 29, 9pm-12 
Taipei: Saturday, May 30, 9am-12
Hong Kong: Saturday, May 30, 9am-12
Seoul: Saturday, May 30, 10am-1pm
Tokyo: Saturday, May 30, 10am-1pm
Hanoi: Saturday, May 30, 8am-11am
Sydney: Saturday, May 30, 11am-2pm

Day 2:  3 Hours
Course time for different countries and regions:
New York: Saturday, May 30, 9pm-12 
Taipei: Sunday, May 31, 9am-12
Hong Kong: Sunday May 31, 9am-12
Seoul: Sunday May 31, 10am-1pm
Tokyo: Sunday, May 31, 10am-1pm
Hanoi: Sunday, May 31, 8am-11am
Sydney: Sunday, May 31, 11am-2pm



Workshop Details

Eligibility: High school students (9th to 12th graders). No coding background required.


Kannan worked as a Senior Engineer, Machine Learning at Xandr, AT&T

Kannan Sankaran

Dr. Qu Zheng is an Associate Professor at Fei Tian College – Middletown.

Dr. Qu Zheng

Amos is Vice President, Post Trade Web Developer at Lazard Asset Management.

Amos Chen

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